• Services Available:

    NJEXPO - Capibilities(Some are exclusive and some are not, for more details please contact your Event coordinator)

    • Electrical
    • Plumbing
    • Security#
    • Event Catering
    • Food and Beverage Sales & Concessions#
    • Parking (Valet & Self)#
    • Shuttle Bus Services
    • Police Services#
    • Fire Officials#
    • Telephone Lines
    • Internet Connectivity
    • Broadband Connectivity#

    # Certain rules apply. Please contact your event coordinator for details

    Food Services:

    • Our facility provides several satellite food carts in addition to a food court which can seat approximately 100 persons.
    • Special in-house catering can be provided for your event or meeting on site or coordinated through an outside banquet manager.
    • Several vending machines are also available on the show floor which assures full coverage for both snacks and beverages.

    Telephone / Internet Services:

    • Fully integrated broadband service with connectivity to 8 megabytes per second is available throughout the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center.
    • Telephone lines are digital and provide outgoing telephone service on a Dial 9, in 200 locations throughout the facility. Direct in-dial telephone service is not provided by the Center, but may be arranged through your event coordinator. The in-house system is fax and modem compatible as well.

    Floor Load / HVAC:

    • The floor load in the Exhibit Hall and Lobby/Registration area is UNLIMITED.
    • AC and Heat are 100% zoned to ensure maximum comfort.

    Water and Drainage:

    • Cold water at 35 PSI is provided at the floor level in selected locations. Access to floor drainage is limited to specific locations in the Center.


    • Sylvania 32 Watts 500 K T8
    • Programmable light system which can be customized to your show needs.

    Safety Equipment:

    • Fully sprinklered and equipped with state of the art electronic fire notification system.
    • Over 45 fire extinguishers placed throughout the facility
    • 30 fire exits during an emergency


    * The in-house system provides the following distributed power:

    • 120 – 208V AC (Single Phase) @ 60 Cycles
    • 120 – 208V AC (Three Phase) @ 60 Cycles
    • 240 V AC (Single Phase) @ 60 Cycles
    • 240 V AC (Three Phase) @ 60 Cycles
    • 480 V AC (Three Phase)

    All major electrical requirements can be provided with the appropriate advance notice.