How is shipping handled to and from the facility?

Shipping must be scheduled through the decorator of the event. Pick-ups must be scheduled with UPS, Fed-Ex, or USPS the day of move out. The building does not have a designated area for pick-ups.

Is in-house catering available?

Yes, our in-house caterer is Featured Catering.

Is there Wi-Fi in the building?

Yes, it is $8 for four hours, $20 for 24 hours, $40 for 48 hours, and $55 for an entire show (move-in through move-out).

Can a show put up signs in the business park?

Yes, but only in specified areas on this PDF. Signs can only be up the day before the show starts and must be picked up after the show.

Do you have water in the building?

Yes, based on specific needs of the client.

Do you allow sternos to heat food?

Yes, but  they must be safe-heat gel, not liquid and each table with sternos must have a fire extinguisher.

Do you allow open flames?

No, please see the Edison fire rules for more details.

How do you break up the space for multiple events in the building?

There are multiple options, from standard pipe and drape, to theatrical drape, to custom hard wall alternatives. These options can be further discussed with Expo staff.

What is the capacity of the building?

It depends upon how much space you are planning on using and how you are configuring the floor plan. Based on show design, maximum occupancy is 6,240 persons at any one time.

Is there a designated area to sell tickets?

There are two registration/cashier windows in the lobby. For your convenience, it is also accessible to the show promoter’s office.

Are there loading docks?

We have 12 truck bays, (10) 8’ x 8’ leveled overhead doors and two drive-in entrances, (1) 14’ x 18’ and (1) 12’ x 14’ (All on show floor).